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Cotton dresses can be classy!


Cotton clothes are not only comforting  but right fitting, mix-n-match of right colors, churidars and stoles, with right kind of jewelry can make you look really stylish. I have always preferred wearing cotton, be it office, outings, or some times even for get-together`s. Of course for appropriate get-together`s have considered slightly extravagant cotton-wears with heavy embroidery and matching jewelry.

Even cotton sarees, especially Bengali Cotton ones, called “Taant Sarees” look fabulous when teemed with beautiful terracotta jewelery and sexy looking blouses. Though I am not a Bipasha Fan, but loved her look below wearing a simple cotton saree with right balance of jewelry. And, that red color bindi simply completes and accentuates her look.

 (Pic Courtesy: Google)

Kareena has kept it very simple. Yet, she looks stunning in this black saree with golden work.

Do you prefer wearing cotton dresses too? What’s your style quotient?


Jogging gear


Since we are celebrating ‘Fitness month’ on our blog, there is a huge importance given on exercises and other physical activities. Jogging is a personal favourite since it keeps the boredoom of a gym away!

But before we get down to the jogging track, a few essentials have to be taken care of. The most basic of them being the jogging gear which includes:

Running Shoes:

The shoes should be comfortable. The toes should be able to move about freely and not feel constricted. The heels should be properly supported and well cushioned. The weight should be distributed uniformly. Also wear a pair of clean cotton socks to go with them.

Make sure that the shoes and socks are cleaned and aired frequently to keep them germ free.


Cotton is the obvious choice! Go for loosely fitted and comfortable attire. A basic t-shirt with trackpants would be a good choice. But the stress should be more on your own comfort and choice.

Make sure that they are washed frequently.

Other essentials:

Keep a bottle of water with you, especially if you are living in a hot and humid area.

If you are a music lover who likes to jog alone, a walkman would be an advantage!

So be comfortable, relaxed and enjoy jogging!

A little corner to call my own…


A little corner where I can sit
to get immersed in poetry.
A place which I can call my own
and shut out the unwanted noises.


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In the noise and chaos of our daily lives, we  often forget that our soul needs some nourishment as well. It is very much required then to spend some time with ourselves, doing things that we like. In silence.

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