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Hope you had a great Diwali!!!


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Happy Diwali!!!!


Here is wishing all of you a very Happy & Safe Diwali!!


Do something different this Diwali… Send sweets to loved ones AND to those you chose not to love!

Gift someone what he/she really needs. And don’t limit that to friends and family.

Pack all your old clothes and other stuff in a bag and visit the streets of your city/town. Be a Santa Claus in Diwali and give them to the needy ones!

Make someone smile 🙂



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Preparing for Diwali!!


It’s festival time and that means a lot of hard work preceding the usual celebrations! Yeah right! It is not all fun, though for those who derive joy from working for home and keen on keeping the vibrancy in the air, even this hard work translates into smiles!!

So here is the list of tasks that I am planning to finish before putting on my best dress and partying with family and friends:

  • Buying sweets to be distributed
  • Some home-made kheer, sweets and namkeen
  • Cleaning up the house
  • Sun drying the silks, woolen and quilts
  • Making greetings, wrapping gifts
  • Buying earthen lamps, puja samagri, and fireworks