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Handbags – Yummier than Icecream?


Well! Well! Well!! They certainly are for me!! I can sacrifice  “Death By Chocolate” for that one, that petty looking, that absolutely uninviting handbag! Yeah.. I can find utility in even the most uninspiring designs!

Interestingly, a lot of other women feel the same way! Read this survey!

Oh! And I also intend to link to another blog post, the writer of which I absolutely adore 🙂

Here is a small snippet from her blog-post:

So. A survey conducted by the website finds out that most women get the greatest thrill while buying a handbag.
Now why doesn’t that come as a surprise to me, the owner of more handbags than I could ever use realistically, considering I rotate my bags every couple of weeks and still have a couple which have never emerged blinking into the bright light of days from their packaging.
The thrill of buying a handbag, says the research, is more than the thrill of buying a pair of shoes, jewellery or underwear. Other items that made it into that list of a quick frisson of joy upon purchase include a summer dress, a well fitting pair of jeans, beauty products, a little black dress and chocolates. I keep the summer dress, the little black dress and the chocolates aside and the rest of it all would apply to me. And yes, the jewellery apart too. Can’t afford any at the current gold prices, might just salivate outside jewellery store show windows and mop my drool surreptiously before moving on.



Do not underestimate


– the power of simple dressing!

No matter how festive the occasion or how much overload of bling it requires, the dress and styling should be classic and hassle free. This is not to reject bling, but an attempt to make sure it is kept relevant and free from any kind of tackiness.

With the festivals like Durga Puja and Diwali coming up, there are major shopping sprees going on and I am sure that you would have pretty much planned the entire dress schedule by now.  This season do something different from your usual choices. Come out of your comfort zone and instead of overloading yourself with jewelery, go for that one solid neck-piece, a minimalistic ear-studs and few bangles. Ditch the silk and embrace cotton! And for a recco, FabIndia are the very best with their ethnic wear and exciting jewelry! And their latest kids range is just WOW!

Burrito & Nachos for Lunch? Yumm Mexicana o’er weekend


I love nachos, especially with the salsa dip :-). The meal-combo at Taco Bell (Koramangla, Bangalore) was fairly nice. Crisp Nachos with topped chicken and sour cream, one burrito, a taco and a drink of our choice was just for Rs. 160.  I thought it was really inexpensive and quite filling, considering the price-hike we are witnessing everywhere.

Dinner menu?


Why is it always very intriguing to plan a meal? I normally try to rummage the kitchen to see what’s there to cook and the results are not bad 🙂 Last evening I had a few pieces of rohu fish in the freezer, a few leaves of spinach and a brinjal. I wanted to have a good hearty meal,

So went ahead and roasted the brinjal for a bengali style begun pora, and masoor dal with spinach. Made Rui Macher Do Pyaza with a slight variation to go with steamed rice. Thanks to Spice & Curry for her post. It turned out to be yummm 🙂

How I made the Begun Pora / Roasted and mashed brinjal?

  • Roasted one medium sized brinjal and mashed them. (Tip: Slit the brinjal and insert 1-2 garlic pods for an amazing flavour)
  • Chopped some onions, green chillies, 1-2 garlic pod, green cilantro, and mashed a hard boiled egg
  • I mixed the chopped ingredients with salt and a hint of raw mustard oil. And, then added the mashed brinjal
How I made the Palak-dal?
  • Pressure cooked masoor dal with washed and finely chopped spinach leaves, turmeric and salt
  • For the tempering, I heated mustard oil and added cumin seeds, a couple of dry chillies and a few crushed pods of garlic. (Combination of spinach and garlic goes well)
  • After tempering I normally close the lid of pressure cooker and bring it to another whistle for a beautiful fragrance and taste
Rui Macher Do Pyaza
  • I made it almost the similar way as mentioned in the post, but did not add the meat masala and cream (actually had none of that at home :p). Instead, added some finely chopped tomatoes. Also, I did not use chopped ginger and garlic, I added some freshly made ginger paste to the fried onions.

Lazy but sweet & tangy evening











Went to a nearby market where a boy makes delicious north indian style “phuchka and alu chaat”. I had about 6-7 of crispy” gol-gappas” or “pani puris” as they say; and got a plate of yummy “alu-chaat”. It was a fine blend of sweet, spicy and tangy…just the way i like it. Made some ginger-tea and relished it to my heart’s content.

Breakfast at New Shanthi Sagar, CMH road, Indiranagar, Bangalore


What do two best friends need when they are hungry and have loads to talk about?

You guessed it!

Good food

and Good place to have a leisurely and uninterrupted chat!


And that is exactly what we enjoyed on Tuesday! After checking out various ‘known’ places on 100ft road, Indiranagar, we finally found New Shanthi Sagar, a vegetarian eating joint on CMH road (, Indiranagar, Bangalore). And boy were we delighted and proud of our choice (which by the way was one of the two options available at 10:00 am on a weekday!). So engrossed were we in the hot and delicious idly-wada with coconut chutney and sambhar , that we forgot to take pictures!! Oh and I haven’t even gotten to the yummilicious (I know it’s not a dictionary word, but it most certainly is my state of mind!) Kesari bhat!

As for ambiance, I would recommend their AC Hall. The prices differ only slightly from their non-AC hall, but it is much more comfortable, less noisy, less intrusive and you are treated like a king! The waiters are polite and know their job well.

And food! Oh the wonderful food!! I am not a big foodie.. But I can still go on and on about the soft and freshly prepared idly and crispy wadas! Add to that the non stop chatter of two friends pouring their heart (and wild ideas) out – and the combination is deadly!!

Overall, I give the restaurant 3 of 5 points for a weekday breakfast (or brunch if that is what you have time/inclination for).


Building a new home! – Part 1


What is the first thought that comes to your mind when someone asks you to run your imagination wild and visualize home of your dreams?


I bet it would a huge green space housing a small white wooden cottage!! Well, at least this is what the majority of us would dream about! But alas, life presents to us more realistic scenario and we are left with whatever limited options our budget allows.  But it’s not the space which matters. In fact, the smaller the space, the more creative you have to be in order to make the place livable. Personally I prefer small houses to the large palatial bungalows.  The warmth and the cozy ambiance that a small house provides , surpasses the joy of living in a huge setup.

In this series of BUILDING A NEW HOME, we would cover various aspects that should be considered while building a house on a plot of land.


Eat breakfast like a king!


Some days I prefer having a wholesome breakfast. A lavish one, with breads, cheese, jam, marmalade, eggs, juice, muffins, and of course round it up with a cup of English tea. It kick-starts my day and keeps me energized all day long. Though, it’s important to eat a heavy breakfast but it’s ideal to watch out on the nutrients, preferably a healthy-combo, otherwise the day can turn out to be really slow & sluggish. Once in a while it’s okay to indulge however!

In India, breakfast constitutes an important meal of the day and interestingly it offers a wide variety of dishes… right from the northern region to down south. Up north, it’s Stuffed Parathas (Flat breads), Chapatis, Puris, served with veg-curries, pickle, curd etc. Down south, it’s Dosas, Steamed Idlis, Upma, etc served with a wide variety of chutney and sambar.

What do you prefer having…for breakfast?


Artefacts for those shelves & corners


Artefacts can truly embellish your home decor. They fill in the gap and make your home appear the way you have always desired for. Choosing them carefully…considering the tone, colors and theme of your house is the most important aspect, and then placing them at the right place is the next important task.

I love collecting antique pieces, somehow have a strange fascination towards them and I hunt them down in flee markets. Lovely looking lamps, masks, hand-made artefacts, brass-wares, ethnic handicrafts for wall hangings, candle-stands etc… can create the magic for those vacant looking shelves and corners of your house. But, remember one thing – Do not over-clutter by stuffing too many things. Each piece should draw attention leaving your visitors admiring them over and over again.

What’s your pick when it comes to artefacts?