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Cup cakes & fruit bread


Made some cup cakes and fruit bread o’er christmas!!!

Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a sparkling new year!!


Marathon plan Update


Not too disappointing I would say! For someone with a chair job and very less physical movement on a regular basis, this was a welcome change. Waking up early in the morning was difficult but I managed it somehow. Here I should add that having a partner ‘in crime’ helps for providing moral support as is required in such cases!! A quick session of yoga that includes basic hand and breathing exercises, six rounds of Surya Namaskar and a few laps of alternate walking/jogging was all that I had planned for. After a few days, I decided to give myself a break of two days since the weather outside was cold and rainy and I didn’t want to lose my Marathon plans to some over enthusiastic and yet lousy decision!

Breakfast was the constant Omlette and paranthas and I included more of fruits and curds in my diet to reduce my hunger cravings!

I feel good and fit already. Though there is a long way to go when it comes to stamina. Marathon is still a distant dream!


And it is Bakr-Eid today. Hope you all have a good time!

Happy Diwali!!!!


Here is wishing all of you a very Happy & Safe Diwali!!


Do something different this Diwali… Send sweets to loved ones AND to those you chose not to love!

Gift someone what he/she really needs. And don’t limit that to friends and family.

Pack all your old clothes and other stuff in a bag and visit the streets of your city/town. Be a Santa Claus in Diwali and give them to the needy ones!

Make someone smile ūüôā



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Preparing for Diwali!!


It’s festival time and that means a lot of hard work preceding the usual celebrations! Yeah right! It is not all fun, though for those who derive joy from working for home and keen on keeping the vibrancy in the air, even this hard work translates into smiles!!

So here is the list of tasks that I am planning to finish before putting on my best dress and partying with family and friends:

  • Buying sweets to be distributed
  • Some home-made kheer, sweets and namkeen
  • Cleaning up the house
  • Sun drying the silks, woolen and quilts
  • Making greetings, wrapping gifts
  • Buying earthen lamps, puja samagri, and fireworks

Lakshmi Puja – Divinity in Bhog-er Prasad!


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With Maa Durga leaving for her home, the sadness in the air is visible. But then comes Lakshmi Рthe Goddess promising wealth and prosperity! For me the best part of Lakshmi Pujo is the Bhog-er prasad! The complete gastronomical  paradise Рright there in front of you!

Do not underestimate


– the power of simple dressing!

No matter how festive the occasion or how much overload of bling it requires, the dress and styling should be classic and hassle free. This is not to reject bling, but an attempt to make sure it is kept relevant and free from any kind of tackiness.

With the festivals like Durga Puja and Diwali coming up, there are major shopping sprees going on and I am sure that you would have pretty much planned the entire dress schedule by now.  This season do something different from your usual choices. Come out of your comfort zone and instead of overloading yourself with jewelery, go for that one solid neck-piece, a minimalistic ear-studs and few bangles. Ditch the silk and embrace cotton! And for a recco, FabIndia are the very best with their ethnic wear and exciting jewelry! And their latest kids range is just WOW!

Eid Greetings to all…!


Month long fasts and prayers have come to an end. During this holy month “The Quran” was revealed and therefore, muslims offer prayers, read Quran and give alms to poor¬†people. They celebrate Eid-ul-fitr to mark its end with festivity in full swing.




Men offer special prayers in the mosque during the holy month.






Markets brighten up with colorful stuff for people to shop around.







Men, women, children all buy new clothes and jewellery for  the festive occasion.





Variety of sweets and¬†savories, especially the fine vermicelli are sold out during the Eid festival. These vermicelli are used to make the special “Seviyan” on the special day.






“Haleem”, the most sought after delicacy of this season. Made only ¬†during “Ramadan” is a complete meal in itself with broken-wheat, meat, ¬†spices, dry fruits and clarified butter. It tastes heavenly when served hot ¬†with fried onions and lemon juice. Streets, shops, restaturants are ¬†flooded with people from all sects to savour this dish.