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Cotton dresses can be classy!


Cotton clothes are not only comforting  but right fitting, mix-n-match of right colors, churidars and stoles, with right kind of jewelry can make you look really stylish. I have always preferred wearing cotton, be it office, outings, or some times even for get-together`s. Of course for appropriate get-together`s have considered slightly extravagant cotton-wears with heavy embroidery and matching jewelry.

Even cotton sarees, especially Bengali Cotton ones, called “Taant Sarees” look fabulous when teemed with beautiful terracotta jewelery and sexy looking blouses. Though I am not a Bipasha Fan, but loved her look below wearing a simple cotton saree with right balance of jewelry. And, that red color bindi simply completes and accentuates her look.

 (Pic Courtesy: Google)

Kareena has kept it very simple. Yet, she looks stunning in this black saree with golden work.

Do you prefer wearing cotton dresses too? What’s your style quotient?


Baking lessons with Rushina


A weekend at Nature’s Basket with a vibrant food writer and consultant Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal. She also blogs at “A perfect Bite” and Rushina’s. It was a delight to watch her make those quick and easy cheesy Italian Veg Lasagna, Dried Fruit’n Nut Loaf,   Strawberry  Muffins, … amidst all the hustle-bustle of the crowd, cameraman and photographers. Last week, I did try making one of her recipes, will post the pics and the recipe soon. It turned out to be ultra fabulous 🙂

I also had the rare opportunity to meet her personally for a fleeting moment! And, I am glad I did.

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Healthy Breakfast!


Every morning we wake up worrying – Now what to cook for breakfast? There’s undoubtedly a whole variety that we can try every day, but the question is – are they packed with wholesome nutrients required to kick-start your day? Breakfast is the most important meal, so it should be a balance of all the essential nutrients wrapped with absolute goodness of health.  An ideal platter should have a mix of carbohydrate, proteins, essential oils, necessary vitamins and fibre.  Some healthy breakfast options could be;

  • Cornflakes added with milk, seasonal fresh fruits , almonds, raisins, walnuts and a dash of honey
  • Poha (beaten rice) with lots of vegetables and groundnuts
  • Upma, with veggies like cauliflower, French beans, green peas, capsicum
  • Toasted multi-grain bread with boiled eggs and some low fat cheese
  • Toasted brown bread sandwich with eggs / fresh cottage cheese, peanut butter spread, lettuce leaves, cucumber, tomatoes
  • Stuffed paranthas made of wheat flour , served with curd (Leftover daal can be used to knead the dough to make it more nutritious).
  • Grilled veggies and fresh fruit salad with low-fat yoghurt

You can round off your breakfast with Green tea / Fresh vegetable juice/ fruit juice and plenty of water, preferably after a gap of half an hour.

Happy breaking your fast!

Announcing the Fitness Month(November)!!!!


 (Image Courtesy: Google)

Lifestyle – Food – Fashion is going to begin a month of healthy living in the month of November by regulating our eating habits, exercising more and following a fitness regime. It’s our initiative to slowly build a healthy body and sound mind. We will discover healthy eating habits, food choice, health tips, physical activities and likewise. We would encourage readers to come and share their own experiences, links or any other important articles in this fitness month!

So gear up for a whole new YOU because, in a disordered mind, as in a disordered body, soundness of health is impossible quoted Cicero!


Stay Fit – Stay Happy!!

Happy Diwali!!!!


Here is wishing all of you a very Happy & Safe Diwali!!


Do something different this Diwali… Send sweets to loved ones AND to those you chose not to love!

Gift someone what he/she really needs. And don’t limit that to friends and family.

Pack all your old clothes and other stuff in a bag and visit the streets of your city/town. Be a Santa Claus in Diwali and give them to the needy ones!

Make someone smile 🙂



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Running for healthy living!


Just on the cue, I came across this site that speaks volumes about running , the basics and the science behind it!!

The simple question of how do you run is largely unanswered in the running community. You have a bunch of pseudo-guru styles like Pose or Chi, but the key to running correctly to maximize performance is a topic that is largely left to elite coaches or biomechanics experts. As Pete Larson pointed out in his blog, elite coaches like Alberto Salazar extol the benefits of working on running form, but no one has told the masses how. In the following article, it’s my goal to unmask the “secrets” and provide the answers. The bulk of this article comes from information gleaned mostly from working with world class track coaches like Tom Tellez and a great High School coach in Gerald Stewert. Throw in some biomechanics classes in undergrad and graduate school and the picture is a little more complete.

This is also perhaps the right time to announce that we would be starting to train ourselves for Marathon next year!!!!

From pottery school


The joy of creation is truly inexplicable. These are some of my recent creations(Bottle, tumblers and bowls) on the wheel, which are yet to be fired and glazed.  Of course I need more and more practice to get the finesse`

Do they look good? Would be happy to hear from you 🙂

Building a new home! – Part 1


What is the first thought that comes to your mind when someone asks you to run your imagination wild and visualize home of your dreams?


I bet it would a huge green space housing a small white wooden cottage!! Well, at least this is what the majority of us would dream about! But alas, life presents to us more realistic scenario and we are left with whatever limited options our budget allows.  But it’s not the space which matters. In fact, the smaller the space, the more creative you have to be in order to make the place livable. Personally I prefer small houses to the large palatial bungalows.  The warmth and the cozy ambiance that a small house provides , surpasses the joy of living in a huge setup.

In this series of BUILDING A NEW HOME, we would cover various aspects that should be considered while building a house on a plot of land.


Artefacts for those shelves & corners


Artefacts can truly embellish your home decor. They fill in the gap and make your home appear the way you have always desired for. Choosing them carefully…considering the tone, colors and theme of your house is the most important aspect, and then placing them at the right place is the next important task.

I love collecting antique pieces, somehow have a strange fascination towards them and I hunt them down in flee markets. Lovely looking lamps, masks, hand-made artefacts, brass-wares, ethnic handicrafts for wall hangings, candle-stands etc… can create the magic for those vacant looking shelves and corners of your house. But, remember one thing – Do not over-clutter by stuffing too many things. Each piece should draw attention leaving your visitors admiring them over and over again.

What’s your pick when it comes to artefacts?

Eid Greetings to all…!


Month long fasts and prayers have come to an end. During this holy month “The Quran” was revealed and therefore, muslims offer prayers, read Quran and give alms to poor people. They celebrate Eid-ul-fitr to mark its end with festivity in full swing.




Men offer special prayers in the mosque during the holy month.






Markets brighten up with colorful stuff for people to shop around.







Men, women, children all buy new clothes and jewellery for  the festive occasion.





Variety of sweets and savories, especially the fine vermicelli are sold out during the Eid festival. These vermicelli are used to make the special “Seviyan” on the special day.






“Haleem”, the most sought after delicacy of this season. Made only  during “Ramadan” is a complete meal in itself with broken-wheat, meat,  spices, dry fruits and clarified butter. It tastes heavenly when served hot  with fried onions and lemon juice. Streets, shops, restaturants are  flooded with people from all sects to savour this dish.

Bangles and Bracelets



 When I was a small girl, my grandmother once asked me to  wear bangles to a marriage party. The small glass bangles jingled sweetly and I proudly showed it off. She told me that the one who wears glass bangles that make the sweetest sound are blessed with sweet dreams at night!! I am not sure whether this is true or not, but it certainly did make me love myself a little more!

I believe that Indian dresses are accessories-centric. You can wear the most busy and richly covered saree and yet it would be incomplete if you don’t wear appropriate jewelry with it. Those who prefer minimalistic look often decide to tone down the accessories instead of doing away with them.  Of all, bangles for me remains the most sticky component of my jewelry box. It is difficult to coordinate them without risking being labeled as ‘overdressed’! And yet, when worn properly, they make the entire look ‘complete’.

Available in various materials and textures, bangles should be chosen carefully. Don’t go for match-match game of bangles with your outfit. Rather, use them to draw the prominent part of your dress. One can also wear them with jeans, skirts and other outfits. Play around with color and textures and you can have that perfect look!

A small tip … but makes a big difference


Remember not to copy others while you are styling. Each individual is different with different body types, personality, features etc; and it’s only wise to understand that first…before you style. I have noticed many imitate models, actors, celebrities etc. They try to embrace their dressing style, get a similar attire, get similar hair styles too…but that’s the biggest blunder they make I feel. Of course, unless they are clones to those role models. You can be a good observant and draw certain traits and re-define that to suit your personality. But, do not… Cut-Copy-Paste 🙂

Fashion and style is also about comfort levels. Choose what you think suits you and makes you feel comfortable. You never know, you can create your own style statement? And yes, do not forget to carry that confidence and attitude with you 🙂

Plants In Home Décor


Every girl dreams of a cottage in the hills, surrounded with wildness, with stillness around, disturbed occasionally by chirping of birds, or playful cries of kids playing in the garden attached. Now, this is difficult, if not impossible in today’s world of high real estate prices. With people struggling hard for each square feet they buy, it comes as no surprise that the childhood dream gets replaced by harsh practical decisions. And so, the space which comes at such high premium gets utilized till every inch is ‘livable’, giving very less, and often no space for that green cover everyone longed for.

There are still ways out and you can realize your dream with a little creativity and common sense applied. Here are a few tips to get plants collaborated with other elements of your home décor:

1. Hanging pots with small flowering plants and creepers.

You can put them on the porch, balcony, parking lot, etc. They don’t take much space and are really soothing to the eyes.

2.  Table top plants

Especially bonsais and other small flowering plants that don’t require much sunlight are the best choice.

3. If you are blessed with large spaces, go for big leafy plants like palm, firangipaani, neem  etc. Get some fruit/vegetable plants as well. They are not only good to look at but also add on to the ‘kitchen garden’

What matters most is how much you love plants and how far can you use creativity to make them gel with your home. It is important to take good care of plants so that they stay and look fresh forever.

Plants brighten up the living spaces. And they don’t cost much either. Try experimenting with different plants in your house and you would be amazed at how much face value they add to your decor!


Pics courtesy – Google

Life and Style


Style is not reflection of what and for how much you can buy…
It represents the freedom of your heart in choosing what you stand for!

As we grow up and develop our individualistic view of the world around, there is a need to express it. This expression is nothing but our ‘lifestyle’. This blog is an insight to our own interpretation and implementation of lifestyle!

Lifestyle – Food – Fashion


Here’s our attempt to introduce you all to a new era of Lifestyle, Food and Fashion. Changing trends, home decors, travelogues, reviews, kitchen tips, yummylicious recipes, fashion statements and lots more. Do visit us soon, as we know you don’t want to miss out on the columns.

Love & Peace!!