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Stay healthy…stay fit!


It is the first day of this month – a sweet, wintry November; and we are    all set to  kick-start our fitness regime. Somehow, we find any fitness or  health related  programme to be very boring. We lack in motivation for  an initiative that  safeguards our own interest, so we thought we would  make it slightly interesting    and easy for all.

At our end, we have slowly started our regular walks, a bit of free hand exercises and included fresh food, green veggies, and fruit juices in our diet; because we believe  –  a balance of wholesome meal and exercise is mandatory to achieve the desired results. And, that forms the crux of a fit body and mind.

Besides our regular lifestyle, home decor and food posts…in the following days, we would share more of

  • Healthy food options
  • Various exercise options
  • Fitness tips, and
  • Healthy recipes

Stay tuned if you care…for a healthy body and a healthy mind of course!


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Bid adieu…


…to this season’s last few sweet & juicy mangoes!!




Rightly called the king of fruits was enjoyed through-out this summer season. Recently, I managed to get a few as it’s hardly seen in the market. I have made mango pudding, mango custard and milk-shakes very often while it was available in plenty and truly never got tired of it.



Instant dessert made out of the last stock – Chilled Mango shake with ice-cream and chopped  mangoes.



1. Ripe mangoes chopped, 1 bowl

2. Preferably mango ice-cream or plain vanilla ice-cream

3. 1 Cup chilled milk

4. 2 Tbspn sugar

5. Mango syrup

6. Strawberry and chopped mangoes for garnishing


Process (Can serve upto 4 if glass sizes are medium)

In a mixie jar, take the ice-cream, milk, sugar, mangoes and run it through until smooth. Now while serving in glasses, pour some Rooh-Afza and a little mango syrup around the glass-edges with the help of a spoon to make it look colorful and tempting. Pour the milk-shake into the glasses. Now scoop out a little ice-cream and put into the glass as a third step. Garnish the top layer with lots of chopped mangoes and a strawberry with a dash of cream and serve it fresh & chilled to your guests.