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My favorite brand -MARKS AND SPENCERS




Having a great time shopping @ M&S!!


(I finally settled on that black dress with white dots.. It helped in hiding my flaws ūüėČ )


Eid Greetings to all…!


Month long fasts and prayers have come to an end. During this holy month “The Quran” was revealed and therefore, muslims offer prayers, read Quran and give alms to poor¬†people. They celebrate Eid-ul-fitr to mark its end with festivity in full swing.




Men offer special prayers in the mosque during the holy month.






Markets brighten up with colorful stuff for people to shop around.







Men, women, children all buy new clothes and jewellery for  the festive occasion.





Variety of sweets and¬†savories, especially the fine vermicelli are sold out during the Eid festival. These vermicelli are used to make the special “Seviyan” on the special day.






“Haleem”, the most sought after delicacy of this season. Made only ¬†during “Ramadan” is a complete meal in itself with broken-wheat, meat, ¬†spices, dry fruits and clarified butter. It tastes heavenly when served hot ¬†with fried onions and lemon juice. Streets, shops, restaturants are ¬†flooded with people from all sects to savour this dish.