From pottery school


The joy of creation is truly inexplicable. These are some of my recent creations(Bottle, tumblers and bowls) on the wheel, which are yet to be fired and glazed.  Of course I need more and more practice to get the finesse`

Do they look good? Would be happy to hear from you 🙂

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  1. Not bad from what I see, the shapes are really nice! Practice is always good, makes you feel more confident in your work and being happy with it! I like your bottle shape! I have the hardest time making bottles. But I haven’t made many so maybe Ill get in the wheel this week and give a few a try! 🙂 Happy Creating!

  2. Very Welcome! Yes collaring it in is a pain. Sometimes if I want my bottles rounded that’s hard to keep it when doing the collar part. But in time it works out!

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