Handbags – Yummier than Icecream?


Well! Well! Well!! They certainly are for me!! I can sacrifice  “Death By Chocolate” for that one, that petty looking, that absolutely uninviting handbag! Yeah.. I can find utility in even the most uninspiring designs!

Interestingly, a lot of other women feel the same way! Read this survey!

Oh! And I also intend to link to another blog post, the writer of which I absolutely adore 🙂

Here is a small snippet from her blog-post:

So. A survey conducted by the website saveme4later.com finds out that most women get the greatest thrill while buying a handbag.
Now why doesn’t that come as a surprise to me, the owner of more handbags than I could ever use realistically, considering I rotate my bags every couple of weeks and still have a couple which have never emerged blinking into the bright light of days from their packaging.
The thrill of buying a handbag, says the research, is more than the thrill of buying a pair of shoes, jewellery or underwear. Other items that made it into that list of a quick frisson of joy upon purchase include a summer dress, a well fitting pair of jeans, beauty products, a little black dress and chocolates. I keep the summer dress, the little black dress and the chocolates aside and the rest of it all would apply to me. And yes, the jewellery apart too. Can’t afford any at the current gold prices, might just salivate outside jewellery store show windows and mop my drool surreptiously before moving on.


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