Building a new home! – Part 1


What is the first thought that comes to your mind when someone asks you to run your imagination wild and visualize home of your dreams?


I bet it would a huge green space housing a small white wooden cottage!! Well, at least this is what the majority of us would dream about! But alas, life presents to us more realistic scenario and we are left with whatever limited options our budget allows.  But it’s not the space which matters. In fact, the smaller the space, the more creative you have to be in order to make the place livable. Personally I prefer small houses to the large palatial bungalows.  The warmth and the cozy ambiance that a small house provides , surpasses the joy of living in a huge setup.

In this series of BUILDING A NEW HOME, we would cover various aspects that should be considered while building a house on a plot of land.


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