Plants In Home Décor


Every girl dreams of a cottage in the hills, surrounded with wildness, with stillness around, disturbed occasionally by chirping of birds, or playful cries of kids playing in the garden attached. Now, this is difficult, if not impossible in today’s world of high real estate prices. With people struggling hard for each square feet they buy, it comes as no surprise that the childhood dream gets replaced by harsh practical decisions. And so, the space which comes at such high premium gets utilized till every inch is ‘livable’, giving very less, and often no space for that green cover everyone longed for.

There are still ways out and you can realize your dream with a little creativity and common sense applied. Here are a few tips to get plants collaborated with other elements of your home décor:

1. Hanging pots with small flowering plants and creepers.

You can put them on the porch, balcony, parking lot, etc. They don’t take much space and are really soothing to the eyes.

2.  Table top plants

Especially bonsais and other small flowering plants that don’t require much sunlight are the best choice.

3. If you are blessed with large spaces, go for big leafy plants like palm, firangipaani, neem  etc. Get some fruit/vegetable plants as well. They are not only good to look at but also add on to the ‘kitchen garden’

What matters most is how much you love plants and how far can you use creativity to make them gel with your home. It is important to take good care of plants so that they stay and look fresh forever.

Plants brighten up the living spaces. And they don’t cost much either. Try experimenting with different plants in your house and you would be amazed at how much face value they add to your decor!


Pics courtesy – Google

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