Neckpieces (Tribal)


Neckpieces do wonder to styling. You can be dressed up in the most plain looking dress and yet look a stunner if compensated by an apt neckpiece.

A basic chic LBD can be spiced up using something tribal like the one here :

(pic from here)

It adds just the right amount of color to the otherwise plain black look. Try and keep other accessories to the minimum so as to highlight this exquisite piece and also avoid presenting a busy look.

The tribal neck pieces can also fit beautifully with Indian dresses, especially saree. The one on the left is from Rajasthan and would look lovely with any monotone silk saree. I would personally prefer it with a white silk with green border.

(pic from here)

And some more…..

(pics taken from google)

By now you would have known that I am a BIG fan of tribal jewellery. So I would take one last opportunity to present the kind of piece I would recommend for a basic jeans-shirt look. The shirt should preferably be white in order to enhance this beautiful neck piece.

(pic from here)

(Though the above neck pieces are not all from India, yet it would do good to explore Indian market for authentic tribal jewelry. India has diverse and rich cultural heritage. The tribal art reflecting in jewelry is not just an art collector’s dream. Materials like wood, stone, glass, gems, precious metals, threads etc are used which results in a beautiful creation. The pattern may differ. Some are beaded, while others are layered. Some may have precious gems laid in gold while others may just be intricate embroidery on a jute cloth. Together they form our rich culture , too vast to explore in one life time!)

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