Sweet beginnings with rice pudding


   Anyday…anytime this dessert will find a little place in your tummy. Isn’t?

Ingredients you shall need to prepare

Milk – 1 Lt.

Basmati rice / Gobindobhog rice (Bengali special rice for kheer/rice pudding) – 2 tbspn washed and soaked

Dry fruits (Cashwenuts & Raisins) – A handful

Bayleaf – 2

Powdered Cardamom – 2 pods

Sugar – 4 tbspn


1. Boil the milk and reduce it to 1/3rd

2. Add the bayleaf and continue to boil

3. After 5 mins add the saoked rice and continue to stir

4. When the rice is cooked well and you find a slightly thick consistency, add the sugar, cardamom powder and dry fruits and stir it well for another 10 minutes on slow fire. It would turn ivory in color.

5. Chill it in referigerator before you serve and garnish it with shredded almonds and saffron strands

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